About Us

At Verdant Alchemy, we believe in investing in rest and creating products that supports your body + well-being.


No Artificial Colours
No Artificial Chemicals
No Toxins
No Petrolatum
No Animal Testing

All Natural Origin
All Vegan
All Powerful


    Crafted for modern life. 

    We live in an amazing age of living life to the fullest and achieving our biggest dreams. This incredible new reality is the reflection of how society, culture and life had progressed. Yay! However, as a result, we can often suffer from burn out and exhaustion which can affect our mental and physical health. We believe you can have both, live in the fast-paced modern world, achieving what you like AND live a balanced life where your health and well-being isn't suffering. For us, it's all about taking time out.


    Our mission is to help you rest, refuel and thrive.

    We believe that the body and mind are deeply interconnected. To feel great on the inside, you need to feed your body with natural goodness and avoid chemical nasties. We believe in science, not witchcraft, which is why all our ingredients have been carefully hand sourced for their proven restorative properties.

    Verdant Alchemy was born on the intentions above, with the word verdant, or green, representing nature and life, because mother nature is important and we should use her gifts consciously and responsibly. Alchemy is the creation of elixirs. Together, they are the conception of thoughtfully created products that we make that are good for your mind, body and soul. We blend, mix and pour each jar, sachet and bottle with love and care to deliver our promise to help you take a conscious time out to live a more balanced life. 


    Made with love and respect for mother nature.

    An extraordinarily amount of effort goes into sourcing our ingredients and hand making our products. We handcraft all of our bath salts and bath oils by hand in our London workshop, where we then hand label and then pack all our products to our customers. Our process ensures optimum freshness and the highest of quality when it arrives to you.

    Our mineral bath salts are also certified COSMOS natural by the Soil Association. The certification means we adhere to the highest standards, from ensuring our products are chemically natural and pure to an inspection of our ingredient supply chain and what cleaning products we use in production.