Breathe In, Bath Oil


Clear your mind, clear your airways and take a deep breath

Take a deep breath, focus on slowing down. It’s time for some me-time, so fire up those candles, run the bath and unwind. This potent and luxurious bath oil with eucalyptus, lemon & thyme essential oils will soothe airways and unclog congested minds. Ideal for when you are feeling under the weather.

The multi-tasking aromatherapy oil will lift your senses and hydrate skin.


PLEASE NOTE: This product is not suitable for during pregnancy or breastfeeding. If using the oil in your shower routine, use after your regular cleansing- massage a few drops of oil to neck and shoulders, cup your hands, bring them to your face and inhale deeply. The oil is designed to provide an aromatherapy experience in the shower and is not formulated to cleanse. Avoid sensitive areas.


Key ingredients

Apricot Kernal Oil | A nutrient-rich lightweight oil that will leave your skin moisturised and hydrated. Brimming full of Vitamin K, Vitamin E and Omega 9 fatty acids, the oil will nourish and soothe skin.

Eucalyptus | An anti-inflammatory and decongestant oil that is cooling and refreshing. It helps relieve stress and muscle ache whilst soothing the respiratory system.

Lemon | A citrus scent and natural energiser, it’s incredibly cleansing and helps improve mood. 

Thyme | An immune-boosting oil that has a green herbal note that lifts energy and relieves stress. 

Bergamot | A grounding citrus scent that creates feelings of relaxation and calm, helping relax mind and body.