Yoga Om™, Bath Salts


Purpose: Aid recovery | Reduce inflammation

Treats: Achy joints | Sore muscles

Notes: Sweet | Floral | Citrus

Inspired by the tropical scents of Bali yoga retreats. Add this potent magnesium bath to your daily regimen to soak away muscle aches and joint pains, the perfect post-yoga treat. We love the refreshing blend of lemongrass, basil & grapefruit oils which deliver an uplifting experience that boosts energy when you are feeling drained. Healing mind, body, and soul.


Here’s the science: Warm baths promote blood flow improving recovery, and magnesium baths help reduce inflammation via a process called osmotherapy. The anti-inflammatory properties of salt baths have positive effects on people suffering from mild pain. Rheumatologic conditions are often treated via the mineral absorption and stimulated blood circulation associated with salt baths.